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Your Assets in


(Family Features) No matter how diligent you

may have been about saving for retirement, un-

expected life changes and economic realities can

negatively impact your retirement budget. Sus-

tained low interest rates have suppressed yields

on income from bonds and rising health care expenses have affected retirees of all ages.

Many retirees are surprised to learn that one of the most valuable assets in their portfolios may be a life insurance policy

that they no longer need.

It’s not uncommon for people to outlive their need for life insurance, and if you no longer need the policy or can no longer

afford the premiums, you could consider selling the policy through a life settlement. This is a financial transaction in which

a policy owner works with a company, such as Coventry Direct, to determine if they qualify to sell their life insurance policy.

The policy seller receives an immediate cash payment while the buyer assumes all future premium payments. Most life in-

surance policy types qualify, even convertible term life policies.

Consider this story about a financial advisor who recently retired from a long, successful career. He decided the money he

was spending on the rising premiums for his $799,975 life insurance policy could be used to help fund his retirement. After

some research, he called Coventry Direct and was happy to learn he had an option other than just letting the policy lapse.

He sold his policy through a life settlement for $25,000, which was more than four times the value he would have received if

he surrendered the policy back to the insurance company.

If you don’t own a life insurance policy or still need your coverage, you may want to evaluate the real estate you own.

Think about downsizing to a smaller home or selling other property you no longer need. Many retirees discover that they

have significant equity tied up in real estate – equity that could be used to help fund expenses.

Another useful exercise is reviewing your investments. If your retirement income is failing to produce the amount needed

to maintain your lifestyle, you may need to rebalance your portfolio in order to meet your changing needs.

If you find your retirement income is insufficient, there are options available to maximize your assets. For many retirees,

an existing life insurance policy may be a hidden asset that can be utilized to generate cash. To learn more about life settle-

ments, visit

or call 888-858-9344.

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